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Doggy Daycare at Barkers Pet Motel & Grooming in St. Albert Edmonton K9Grass ForeverLawn

Doggy Daycare

**We are not accepting any new daycare dogs at this time**

Barkers daycare is the only outdoor daycare in Western Canada that features Forever Lawn K9 Grass. Gone are the days of having to bath your dog when you get home or cringe as they jump into your clean vehicle. K9 Grass is specifically designed with your dog's hygiene in mind. A layer of limestone is laid underneath, neutralizing odour from urine. 


With our large open space, your dog will have the opportunity to make new friends while socializing with groups of other friendly guests. We take the time to determine your dog’s personality based on age, size and temperament so your dog can be matched with suitable playmates. 

Our unique outdoor daycare ensures your dog receives the exercise he or she needs, in a safe, supervised environment. Inclement weather? We've got them covered, with heated shelters to warm up in or wading pools to cool down in.  Whatever the season, we guarantee our daycare guests' comfort. 


Dogs play hard so nap time can be incorporated into their busy day. You can bring a snack for your dog if desired and fresh water is always available. Full or half days are available in our daycare and it's a great way to introduce your dog to his new home away from home!

Doggy Daycare at Barkers Pet Motel & Grooming in St. Albert Edmonton K9Grass ForeverLawn


Drop off is between 7AM - 11AM and all dogs must be picked up by 6PM.

Health Requirements

Health Requirements

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered. Puppies must be scheduled for spay/neuter surgery by 7 months of age.

  • All dogs must have up to date vaccinations and owners must provide vaccination certificates. 

  • Puppies must be over 12 weeks old and have at least had their second set of vaccines.

  • While we do not require a preventative flea/lice/tick treatment, there is a risk of contracting external parasites whenever dogs are socializing. We recommend discussing the pros and cons of preventative treatment with your vet.

  • Although it is supervised play, the unpredictable can occur at any time and your dog(s) may still acquire an occasional nip or scratch. Should serious injury occur, owners will be notified immediately. Any vet bills are the responsibility of the owner.

  • Please let the office staff know if your dog has any health issues or concerns, whether suspected or confirmed by a Veterinarian. We must be notified of any contagious diseases or parasites so that we can issue proper precautions to all dog owners.

General Rules

General Rules

  • Please ensure all dogs are on leash upon pick up and drop off, including in the lobby and in the parking lot.

  • Please feed your dog before and/or after daycare. If lunch is required, please bring it in a labelled Ziploc bag.

  • All collars must be quick-release. Buckle, pinch, prong, choke and martingale collars are not permitted. Collars are not required for daycare, naked play is safest.

  • Please ensure that you dogs’ nails are maintained regularly to prevent scratches. Barkers Pet Motel has groomers available, just let the office staff know upon drop off if you’d like them trimmed. Nail trimming is $14 or free for pass holders.

  • If your dog is showing any signs of illness (diarrhea, vomiting, coughing, etc) please let us know and keep him/her at home until symptoms subside.



  • All dogs must successfully pass a physical and behavioral assessment before being approved for daycare, which is included in their first day of day-boarding. Dogs must be tolerant to staff handling them and show no signs of aggression, including toy and/or food aggression.

  • We are not able to accept dogs who suffer from anxiety, including separation anxiety while here, as an anxious dog is stressful for the entire playgroup and generally does not benefit from daycare. We strive to provide a fun and low stress environment and some dogs are simply uncomfortable in daycare.

  • Dogs must show sufficient socialization with the day care group and we have a zero-tolerance policy for dogs who cause injury to other dogs or staff members. Day care staff reserves the right to refuse dogs that have displayed aggression, anxiety and/or unpredictable behavior.

  • Issues may present themselves on their first trial day or later, once the dog is more comfortable with our environment. Staff will always keep you up to date on your dogs’ ongoing progress.

Scheduling and Prices 

Scheduling & Pricing

  • All dogs must attend a minimum of one day a week, preferably on the same day.

  • Daycare drop off is between 7:00-11:00 am and you may pick up any time before 6:00 pm.

  • Half day rates apply for visits under 5 hours.

  • Passes expire 1 year after last use and include complementary nail trims.

  • The following prices do not include gst


       Full Day: $32/one dog 

                       $50/two dogs         

                       $69/three dogs

       Half Day: $22/one dog 

                        $38/two dogs       

                        $54/three dogs


       10 Day Pass: $300/one dog

                       $480/two dogs


       20 Day Pass: $570/one dog 

                      $860/two dogs

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