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Treat your dog to a spa day!

Barkers' elite team of groomers, with over 40 years of combined experience in the grooming salon, will keep your dogs looking and feeling their best! Led by certified master groomer, Tammy, the team is constantly attending seminars and shows to stay on the cutting edge of the grooming industry. Innovation in equipment, techniques, trends and products are made accessible to you and your furry friends through Barkers. 


We gladly groom all ages and sizes of dogs. We offer breed clips, large and small, bath and tidy's, brush outs, custom trims, creative grooming and walk-in nail trimming. Our groomers are excited to work with you to find a haircut that not only fits your dogs unique personality, but also fits your lifestyle and maintenance requirements. We are eager to educate owners on all matters grooming. 


Our groom room features state of the art equipment such as hydraulic tables, the Prima bathing system, a Forever Lawn turf yard to keep your dog comfortable and clean, and custom made tubs to accommodate all breeds of dogs. 

We exclusively use Natures Specialities shampoo line and have several different varieties for different skin types or allergies. 


Walk in nail trimming is available Monday-Friday mornings. Nail trim $16

Nail trim & feet tidy $25

Nail trim & anal glands $20

Nail trim & face tidy $20

Appointments are available Monday through Friday. Prices vary depending on breed, size, coat condition etc, please inquire online or at 780-460-0505 for approximate price or to make an appointment.  

***Please note we are not currently accepting new grooming clients***

Small dog grooming at Barkers Pet Motel & Grooming in St. Albert Edmonton
Best small dog grooming at Barkers Pet Motel & Grooming in St. Albert Edmonton
dog grooming at Barkers Pet Motel & Grooming in St. Albert Edmonton

We are pleased to offer the Nagayu Co2 Skin Therapy Treatment, which adds ions into the rinse following shampooing, helping improve and maintain the skin and coat. We've had great success using it on dogs with all types of skin issues. Let us know when booking if you'd like to add the treatment to your groom!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare my dog for grooming?

There are many things you can do at home to ensure your dog has the best grooming experience possible! A dog that is well socialized and used to being touched, (especially around the ears, face, feet and tail) will likely not mind the groomer doing the same. At home, you can gently massage your dog’s feet and practice touching them in the areas mentioned. This is especially important for puppies!

Another thing you can do at home is pick up that brush! All dogs benefit from being brushed, from your tiniest chihuahua to the biggest St. Bernard and everything in between! For dog’s whose fur continuously grows, brushing is a necessity (doodles, we’re looking at you). If you find time is an issue, don’t worry about brushing them out completely every day. Instead, dedicate 5 or 10 minutes a day and focus on a different area each time. For example, front legs, back legs, feet and tail, back and underbelly, etc. Pay special attention to behind the ears and under the collar. A slicker brush is a good all purpose tool, and a fine comb can be used after to check your work.

Think of it like brushing your teeth between dentist visits. A little bit of maintenance at home will go a long way!

Mats! What are they and why are they a problem?

Mats are tangles of hair that have become so tightly wound up that they become very difficult to remove. Severe matting can pull on this skin and even cause bruising. Any mats can be uncomfortable for your pup; imagine a pony tail or glasses that are too tight on your head.

The only way to remove mats is to get under them. Often, this means shaving the fur short enough that the mats are cut cleanly off. The tighter the mats, the shorter the haircut will be. If you want a longer cut, maintain the fur as it grows back so the mats don’t affect the groom.

On some occasions, it is possible to brush the mats out. However, this possibility depends on a variety of factors: the tolerance level/grooming experience of the dog, the tightness of the matting, the type of coat the dog has, how much maintenance is done at home, how much of the dog is matted, etc. This is also a time-consuming process.

It is always better to prevent mats than try to get rid of them after they have formed! Areas prone to matting are anywhere where there’s friction (behind the ears, under the collar, between the front legs, between the toes, and the back of the knees). Pay special attention to these areas when you brush at home. Also, getting wet can contribute to tight mats. If your dog is swimming, playing with other dogs, running through snow or puddles or getting a bath, make sure they are brushed out afterwards.

How often should my dog be groomed?

For dogs whose fur grows continuously (poodles, shih tzus, maltese, yorkies, doodles, porties, etc), and get relatively short haircuts, they should have appointments every 6-8 weeks. Longer hair cuts will mean more maintenance and less time between grooming, such as 4-6 weeks. Hair that is over and inch long may require even more frequent appointments. Bath and tidies are available between grooms if you just want to freshen up your pup. Bath and tidies do NOT replace a full groom for dogs who require it.

Double coated and short haired breeds (labs, huskies, berners, boxers, collies, etc) should be done no more than once a month. Most people book them in when they are shedding excessively or when they are dirty and stinky! Most of these dogs will go through a big shed in the spring and fall, and you may big clumps of hair around your house. We can help with that! Dogs who have longer coats and are prone to matting (especially in their hind end) should be done before their fur gets too tight. You should be able to find their skin when you separate their fur; if you can’t, you have a packed coat on your hands! Aim for grooms four to 6 times a year.

Why does my dog need to be shaved?

A dog needs to be shaved short when they have excessive matting. In this case, humanity over vanity! A shorter cut may also suit their lifestyle better and be easier to maintain for you. We’re always happy to chat with you to help find a haircut that suits your pup. Our priority will be to keep them comfortable and healthy.

Why can't I shave my double coated dog?

Double coated dogs have fur that grows to a certain length, then falls out (sheds). This is completely normal. Shaving a double coated dog will not stop them from shedding; the hairs will just be shorter. A well maintained, healthy double coat has longer guard hairs and shorter undercoat. Together, they help insulate your dogs against heat and cold, allowing airflow to the skin. If we were to shave them, the coat would no longer work as nature intended. Often, a shaved double coat will not grow back the same consistency. Brushing your dog can help cut down on excessive shedding in your home.

How often should my dogs nails be done?

Trimming once a month is a good guideline. However, dogs nails get worn down at different rates. Regular walking on concrete can help keep them at a healthy length, and minimize how often they need to be trimmed. Dogs that are less active usually have longer nails because they are not worn down as much (this is also why dewclaws often look longer than other toes; they don’t touch the ground). Just keep an eye on those nails and get them trimmed if they become hooked.

How old does my dog have to be for grooming?

Generally, grooming can be done at any age. However, what the dogs has done will depend on their tolerance level. Young puppies (3 to 5 months) will often get a “puppy tidy”. This introduces them to the grooming process but is not a full hair cut.

Dogs that are very old may have decreased tolerance for grooming. In this scenario, you may need to simplify their haircut so they are easier maintained.

Do you do anal glands?

Most dogs express their anal glands naturally when they poop and don’t need any help from us! We only do anal glands when requested, and we will only do them externally. If you dog has problems with their anal glands, please consult a vet.

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