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Preparing for Your Dog's Grooming Appointment

Our grooming team strives to give you the style and length you like. However, when picking a length you want, there are many factors to consider.  It's important to have realistic expectations for what can be done for you and your dog.  Dogs that get clipped can be done in a large variety of lengths, ranging from super short to an inch or more. 

Lifestyle: Is your dog a party animal at daycare?  Do they like to swim?  Do they dislike brushing?  Are they running through forests and tall grasses often?  Do they often wear harnesses, collars and clothing?  If the answer is yes, a shorter cut is more likely more suited to their lifestyle.

Is your dog the type that wouldn't dream of dipping their toes in a lake?  Do they prefer to sniff instead of play with other dogs?  Do they adore brushing?  Do you enjoy brushing them just as much?  This dog might be more suited to a longer, scissor cut.


Specifics: Is there something in particular you like or dislike in a haircut for your dog?  Things like long or short ears and tail, short chins, big beards, long eyelashes, round or clean face, longer legs, etc.  We'd love to customize their cut for optimal personality.  Just let us know when you drop them off!  If you are very particular about instructions for your dogs haircut, ensure that you are the one dropping them off for their appointment.


Photos:  Photos are great!  It can help us know what you like and what we are working towards.  The following are very important when bringing a photo to your groomer:

  • Breed: ensure that the dog pictured, if not your dog, is the same breed and has the same coat type (ie. wavy, wirey, curly).Even within the same breed, there is variation.For example, a Golden Retriever with a very thick, heavy undercoat will not have the same finished look as a Golden Retriever who is sparsely coated with very little feathering.

  • Age: ensure that the dog pictured is around the same age as your dog (puppy, adult, senior).Puppy coats are very different from adult coats, and some senior coats will change as well. While we can work some miracles, we can’t make your dog look 10 weeks old again!

  • Style: consider the current condition of your dogs fur.We cannot scissor a matted poodle to look like a show dog.However, if you wanted to have that as your goal, we could start with a clean slate, get on a schedule and work towards it over time.


Behaviour/Things we should know: Is your dog not a fan of their feet being handled?  Is their mouth sore as they await their dental appointment? Do they have a history of skin sensitivities?  Allergies?  Have they been asked to leave a previous groomer before?  Why? Are they relatively inexperienced with professional grooming?

These are the kinds of things we need to know in advance of handling your dog.  It gives us an idea of where they're at and how we can best help them.  It keeps your dog and your groomer safe!  You will not be turned away for being honest.


Age:  Puppies and senior dogs may be less tolerant of more complicated haircuts (ie. breed clips, scissor cuts, dematting).  This is very much an individual, case by case basis.  We will assess your dogs comfort level as we go but know that if we decide to go with a simpler or quicker process, it is in your dog's best interest.


Condition, Home Maintenance and Schedule:  Is your dog mat free, perhaps with occasional tangles here and there? Are you willing to book appointments in advance on a regular schedule?  Learn how to maintain your dog's coat at home (and follow through)?  Congratulations!  You have likely have many style possibilities!

Are you seeking infrequent grooming appointments?  Do you often forget to book until your dog is in dire need of a trim (we get it, life happens!).  Does your dog rarely see a brush unless the kids decide to pick it up once in a while?  You're probably looking at a short trim.

The condition, texture and length of your dogs coat is the biggest factor in determining what style they get. Ultimately, we groom the dog that's in front of us.  You may brush them every day, but if it isn't being done thoroughly they can still be matted.  We would be happy to give you pointers, and always want to work with you to achieve a look you like.  All we ask if that you also work with us.  After all, we have a common goal: the health and happiness of your dog!

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